A Broken Heart... August 27, 2012 18:59 1 Comment

That is what brought me from the Big Apple (NYC) to the Big Mountains (of Jackson Hole) over seven years ago.

I was headed to London to switch up the big city living, but alas serendipity entered and made me head west instead.

Some times you know you have to make a big change, but stay stuck and paralyzed as to what that change should be.

I made this change with one eye closed and the other eye half open.  I took a calculated risk.  I landed a finance job in Jackson Hole before I moved here so if my "Out West" experiment didn't work, I knew I could always return to the Big Apple.

In NYC, what I found hard was this and maybe some of you can empathize.  I never felt like I was ever enough--never smart enough, never pretty enough, never rich enough, never skinny enough, never funny enough, never charming enough.  I went to Dartmouth College, earned my MBA at Harvard, worked in finance, traveled the world, speak multiple languages and all this was still not enough.  I also felt like I was fighting to be a good person (trust me, I am not perfect), yet found myself constantly surrounded by wankers, wankers and more wankers.

Does this make any sense?

Fast forward seven years now and I am have ditched my Manolos and now wear my Dansko clogs  I have said good bye to my 917 digits and hello 307.  I went from renting a shoebox apartment to owning a beautiful home with a creek in my backyard overlooking fields where I see blue heron cranes, horses, mommy and baby moose and coyotes.  It is Animal Kingdom right outside my kitchen window.

A few years ago there was an article in the Wall Street Journal that stated part of being "happy" was to have a short commute.  I feel lucky to say my commute is now a twelve minute drive by car and along the way, I hear cows mooing, see mule deer and elk crossing the road, and watch red tail hawks and bald eagles fly above.  In the summer time, I pick wild raspberries in my backyard and make jam for the winter months.  I have time to do non-profit work being the treasurer for a nationally known environmental education-based non-profit here in Jackson Hole. Most weekends I am trying to figure out what outdoor activity to do.  In the winter the vast choices include skiing Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) aka "the Village", backcountry skiing the Grand Teton range or Teton Pass, snowmobiling in Yellowstone or to Granite Hot Springs, cross country skiing, skate skiing, finding hot local springs like Huckleberry Hot Springs.  In the summertime, when the days are long (sun sets around 9.30pm) the various activities include bagging big peaks in Grand Teton National Park or the Winds, fly fishing the Snake River, the Henry's Fork, the South Fork, the New Fork, the Salt, road biking, mountain biking, trail running and the list goes on and on.   

In closing I want to say that I share a glimpse of my Jackson Hole life not to gloat.  Instead I want to give others an idea of another life that is possible if you're feeling stuck like I was living in New York City.  

For me, I was ready to close my NYC chapter and start my WY chapter.  It's been seven years and this chapter is still writing itself.  


Stay tuned.

xx, Mira


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